Grandma – Grandpa – Grandchild – Day

Zoo rangers accompany grandparents with their grandchildren on an extremely varied journey through the zoo.

Also in the luggage are various materials such as feathers, animal skins or eggs that shape the guided tour in a colorful and illustrative way. Not only can the little ones expect many funny stories and animal games but also the older ones can learn many interesting facts about nature -and species conservation. For example, animals are visited that are older than grandma and grandpa. On that day, some baby animals can possibly be marveled at.
Finally, the older and younger guests can look forward to an extraordinary highlight action…

The participant fee during the Grandma-Grandpa-Grandchild-Day needs to be paid to the zoo rangers.

Dates: 24. März 2017 & 13.Oktober 2017, at
Targetgroup: Grandmothers, grandfathers and their grandchildren
Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: 3,- per person in addition to the zoo entrance fee
Booking: by telephone or e-mail

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