Adventurous Guided Tour (reduced price)

Adventurous Tours lend themselves well to school classes and kindergarten groups that would like to get to know various zoo animals.

The guided tour is designed more flexibly than the Zoo Class and primarily severs to provide an overview of the zoo.

The pupils / kindergarten groups are supervised by the zoo rangers that share interesting information about the zoo and its inhabitants. Exciting nature materials such as feathers, snake skin and camel fur make the program especially vivid.

The zoo rangers are trained on topics concerning the zoo, nature conservation and animals on a regular basis. They are not only able to answer specific questions, but are also happy to share anecdotes and touch upon your desired themes!

Targetgroup: School classes (plus teachers) / kindergarten groups (plus educators)
Duration: 90 minutes
Costs: Per class: € 45,- for up to 15 pupils, every additional one € 2,50 plus zoo entrance fee
Booking: by telephone or e-mail

Please take into consideration: per started group of 10 pupils one accompanying person is free of charge (concerning zoo entrance fee and zoo school fee).

For preparation of your zoo visit in class you are welcome to use our “Zoovertrag” (Zoo Treaty).
You can download it under the following link.

Supervisory Duties
For the Adventurous Guided Tour your class/group is split up - in the case of 16 pupils/children or above. Please take into consideration that in this case your class (per split up group) has to bring along an accompanying person.