Zooschool Heidelberg: Guided tours and educational offers

at Zoo Heidelberg

Have you ever thought of a zoo tour in Heidelberg when it came to plan a birthday or a special day for your daughter?

The Heidelberg Zooschool offers pedagogically guided tours and educational offers for children, teenagers and adult groups at the Heidelberg Zoo. Spatially it is located since 2008 in the building in front of the historic entrance of the Heidelberg zoo. Today, this is left behind the entry turnstiles. The zooschool is not open to the public. The zooschool has offices, a seminar room and a terrarium room.

There has been an educational facility at the Tiergarten (Zoo) Heidelberg since 2000. Over the years, the offer of the zooschool has been constantly expanding and more and more people can be reached. Since 2014, the Heidelberg Zoo has been a "recognized provider of extracurricular youth education". In 2014, a record of over 25,300 participants was achieved.

Goals of the Zoo School

The work of the Zooschool Heidelberg aims...

  •     to inspire as many zoo visitors as possible for nature and animals.
  •     to reach children, adolescents, adults, seniors of all social classes.
  •     to fascinate people for biodiversity.
  •     to establish an emotional binding to animals.
  •     to create experiences.
  •     to impart knowledge.
  •     to mobilize for species and nature conservation.
  •     to give alternative actions for a sustainable lifestyle (competences).
  •     to be an extracurricular place of learning and a leisure place.
  •     to live up to sustainability (role model function).